Digital Intern®

Consistent Approach. Individualized Care.

Therapeutic Duplication Issues?

The Digital Intern® can help.

The Digital Intern®’s algorithms provide a consistent approach to treating patients, while simultaneously learning the needs of the individual so that each patient gets what they need. The result is reproducible decision making based on the individual patient’s physiology backed by medical literature.

  • Treatment of blood pressure and heart rate with multiple bolus or infusion medications
  • Treatment of pain and agitation
  • Bowel Medication Management
  • Electrolyte Replacement

The Digital Intern® suggests the appropriate dose and frequency (or infusion rate) from a list of medications on formulary to treat the patient’s individual needs.  In doing so, the nurse isn’t choosing from a palette of possible medication options but rather is using what is recommended or rejecting the recommendation and contacting the provider for further assistance.  In this manner, concerns over therapeutic duplication are eliminated.

Watch Digital Intern® founder Dr. Medow describe how the Digital Intern® helps solve therapeutic duplication issues:


The Digital Intern® is:

  • Flexible – Goals (vital sign ranges, CPOT and RASS targets, etc.) are chosen by the provider for each patient.
  • Consistent – The Digital Intern® provides a consistent approach which reduces variability while still taking into account the different needs of individual patients.
  • Self-correcting – The Digital Intern® responds to new labs, vital signs, and clinical questions and recommends adjustments accordingly, learning more about the patient with each change.

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