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Supportive Care

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Use the Digital Intern® to assist with supportive care for critically ill patients

The Digital Intern® can help a medical care team manage supportive care needs for patients fighting infections including Septicemia, Influenza, and COVID-19 .  Using labs and vital signs, the Digital Intern® makes specific recommendations to maintain patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, fluid volume, electrolytes, and respiratory function.  The Digital Intern® can help physicians manage more patients by eliminating some of the routine decisions they would typically be called upon to make.  Nurses are also able to respond to changes in the patient’s condition immediately with the help of Digital Intern® recommendations.

The Digital Intern® consists of many different modules and you may install these piece-by-piece at your institution, but all of these provide recommendations for the supportive care that is needed for many critically ill patients:


  • Fluid volume management
    • uses volume status indicators such as central venous pressure and mean airway pressure, stroke volume variability, and extravascular lung water index to monitor fluid volume
    • recommends bolusses and infusions as needed to maintain fluid volume


  • Hemodynamic Management
    • follows blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, and systemic vascular resistance
    • recommends bolus or infusion medications to keep these metrics within goal ranges set by the physician


  • Ventilator management
    • functions with any ventilator mode and recommends changes in mode when needed
    • makes recommendations to adjustments for all settings within each mode
    • includes blood gas and lactate labs
    • recommends adjunctive therapies as needed


  • Electrolyte replacement
    • calcium, potassium, phosphate, magnesium, and sodium are monitored and recommendations are made to bring these into target ranges as needed


The Digital Intern® does not diagnose infections or any other conditions.  The Digital Intern®’s recommendations are designed to help provide supportive care.  The provider will still determine the appropriate diagnosis and manage appropriate treatments accordingly but the Digital Intern® can help keep the patient stable with supportive recommendations throughout that process.

The Digital Intern® does not replace the care team.  Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists still care for the patient, make decisions about the patient’s care, and determine when to utilize the recommendations available from the Digital Intern®.

The Digital Intern® is:

  • Flexible – Target ranges for each metric can be adjusted by the provider for each patient.
  • Consistent – The Digital Intern® provides a consistent approach which reduces variability while still taking into account the different needs of individual patients.
  • Self-correcting – The Digital Intern® responds to new labs, vital signs, and clinical questions and recommends adjustments accordingly, learning more about the patient with each change.

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