Digital Intern®

Consistent Approach. Individualized Care.


The Digital Intern® is designed to help streamline medical care by handling the tasks a physician might ordinarily hand off to a medical intern.  Just like a human intern, the Digital Intern® needs the guidance of the medical provider and will notify that provider if it encounters a situation it can’t handle.  This guidance is provided through a series of preferences and parameters that the provider selects for each patient when they initiate the use of the Digital Intern®.  Unlike human interns, the Digital Intern®’s recommendations follow algorithms that make them reproducible yet tailored to the needs of the individual patient.  As the patient responds to treatments or medications, that new clinical data informs the Digital Intern®’s next steps.


The Digital Intern® is available in several forms:

Digital Intern® for hospitals

Digital Intern® for Organ Procurement Organizations

Digital Intern® blood product utilization modules including our hematology outpatient clinic module

Digital Intern® Educational applications

Digital Intern® web-based demonstration tools



Learn more about the Digital Intern® concept:


Watch as the inventor of the Digital Intern® gives a brief overview of the software and the many modules available: