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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

iVMD takes your privacy seriously. This Policy explains what data we collect and how we use it. This Policy may be updated at any time. Updates will be posted to

By using iVMD’s products including Digital Intern® Educator Apps, iVMD’s website, and iVMDs software applications, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Further, you agree to any updates to this Policy by continuing to use iVMD’s products.

Our integrated solutions for hospitals allow your organization to manage its own data and security and keep all your patient information behind your own firewall. We will ask you to share de-identified data with us. This will be discussed in detail during your install. Please refer to the Terms associated with your implementation of the Digital Intern® for details.

iVMD’s Digital Intern® Educator Apps allow users to enter data about themselves and hypothetical training scenarios. We do collect most of this data as well as data about how you use the App. Do not enter real patient information into a Digital Intern® Educator App. As described in the Terms of Use, these Apps are not intended to be used in conjunction with the provision of medical care, but are for educational and training purposes only. Information entered into these Apps is transmitted and stored by iVMD and must not contain protected health information (PHI) or any information that could be identified as belonging to particular patient.

We also collect data through our website,, including information you provide about yourself, your organization, and others who may be interested in the Digital Intern®.

Our website and products are intended exclusively for adults. We will not intentionally gather any information about anyone under the age of 18. If we find out that someone who has provided personal information is under 13 and has not received parental permission, all personal information entered by the user will be permanently deleted. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that a child under 13 years old has provided personal information to us without their consent, please contact us at and we will permanently delete that information within a reasonable time.

We will use personal contact information that is provided to us to promote our products, send marketing materials, and other materials or information about iVMD and its products. We will not share your contact information with third parties except as necessary to facilitate our own marketing and information distribution efforts.

We may share data about your usage of Digital Intern® products publicly but will not personally identify you. We may share de-identified or aggregate data about the results of use of the Digital Intern® publicly.

We may advertise our own products to you using ads within our products. We will not advertise third party products within our products.

If you have questions or concerns about how iVMD will use data gathered about you or your use of any Digital Intern® product, contact iVMD at