Digital Intern®

Consistent Approach. Individualized Care.

In Development

Organ Procurement

The Digital Intern® is currently available for use by Organ Procurement Organizations in a beta format.

New algorithms and functionality are in development to expand the functionality of the application.  In addition, we are developing new interfaces to integrate with additional medical record software applications.


Critical Care

The Digital Intern® manages blood pressure, heart rate, vascular volume, electrolytes, ventilator adjustments and breathing treatments, free water deficit corrections, diabetes insipidus, volume overload, blood product transfusions including packed red cells, plasma, and platelets, and pain and agitation. The Digital Intern® is not yet available for use with critically ill patients (other than organ donors). If you are interested in beta testing this application in your own facility, please contact us.

Palliative and Hospice Care

The Digital Intern®’s palliative care algorithms manage a non-responsive patient’s pain and agitation using the Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS score) and the Checklist of Non-Verbal Pain Indicators (CNPI).

Other Levels of Care

The Digital Intern® will be useful to physicians and care teams across the spectrum of clinical care. The Digital Intern® seeks to reduce expensive medication use where applicable, save physician’s time, improve communication between providers and allied health professionals, improve efficiency with respect to response time to patient needs and test results, enact best practices where developed, and improve overall care.