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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Digital Intern FDA approved?

We’ve worked with the FDA and determined that the Digital Intern is a clinical decision support system which does not currently require FDA approval or clearance.

Can the Digital Intern integrate with… ?

Probably! We have standard HL7 interfacing capabilities which allow us to connect with other systems using these standard specifications which include most electronic medical record systems. We’ve also successfully created custom interfaces to connect with a few electronic medical record systems used by OPOs that do not have HL7 capabilities. We’re always open to working with you to integrate with the systems you already use whenever possible. The Digital Intern is most useful when its integrated into a provider’s existing workflow.

How much does the Digital Intern cost?

The Digital Intern comes in many different formats but our goal with pricing is always to ensure that the benefits significantly outweigh the cost of the product.

Our products for hospitals are priced per module and based on the size of the hospital (bed count). Substantial discounts are available for organizations willing to share data and feedback with us. Please contact us for pricing specific to your organization and the modules you are interested in using.

The Digital Intern for Organ Procurement Organizations is priced based on the size of the OPO (using the number of donors to represent size) and substantial discounts are available for organizations willing to share data and feedback with us. Please contact us for pricing information specific to your organization.

Our Educator Applications are available in the Apple App store for $9.99.

My organization hasn’t purchased the Digital Intern. How can I see it in action?

You have several options!

First, check out our web demonstration tools. These tools require you to enter information that we would usually pull automatically from an integrated medical record system, but with a little quick data entry, you can see the types of recommendations the Digital Intern is capable of making.

Similarly, we have educational apps available in the Apple app store. These also require some quick data entry, but let you see the results from a few modules that aren’t available in our web demonstrations. Please note that both the web demonstration tools and the educator apps are not for use with actual patients or patient data. The data entered is not protected and you must not use either the educator apps or web demonstration tools in place of your own medical decision making and judgment (see the full terms here).

You can always contact us to setup a presentation at your site. We will be able to answer your questions about how the various modules work and how they can be implemented at your organization. We are available for presentations in person or remotely.

Where can I find iVMD’s privacy policy and other terms?

If your organization has purchased the Digital Intern, terms will have been supplied through that transaction. Our privacy policy and the terms of use for our Educator Applications and web demonstration tools may be found here.

I think my organization could benefit from the Digital Intern. How can I help bring this technology to my work place?

We are thrilled that you are interested in using the Digital Intern! We will need to get in touch with leadership at your organization to help make this happen. Please fill out this contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll reach out to setup a meeting.