Integrated Vital Medical Dynamics, LLC

Improving the lives of patients and those who care for them

Introducing the

Digital Intern®

real-time decision support medical software

  • augments bedside decision making
  • provides step-by-step recommendations
  • reduces variability
  • reduces costs

Saving doctors time and hospitals
money while improving patient care

Today, hospitals and caregivers alike are responsible for an enormous number of cost saving, metric-driven initiatives and at the same time are expected to provide optimal patient care. The Digital Intern is a new software product designed and developed to aid your organization in improving adherence to best clinical practices, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing physicians’ workload.

  • When your department is particularly busy, turn to trusted digital staff for an extra hand.
  • Determine patient’s parameters to consistently meet metrics thereby improving outcome measures without having to monitor every detail.
  • Focus on the details and issues that truly require your expertise and judgement.
  • Provide more consistency in care and improve communication amongst providers during handoffs.
  • Spend less time paging physicians and waiting on physician instruction.
  • Provide consistent care in line with best practices.
  • Manage patient pain and agitation and adjust medications without delay.
  • Ensure physicians receive the help they need without additional human resources.
  • Optimize capacity management to elicit more high-level physician decisions during busy times without the need to transfer patients out of your institution.
  • Reduce variability in practice.
  • Prioritize lower cost drugs when medically appropriate.
  • Ensure blood products are used efficiently and without waste.